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Optometrist Spring

“Look” No Further For Your Optometrist near Spring, TX

Visit TSO Woodlands for the Best Eye Care in Northen Houston

optometrist in spring txAnyone looking for an optometrist in Spring, TX should look into Texas State Optical – Woodlands. Dr. Yee-Young serves runs the optometrist office just minutes away from Spring, Texas. As your eye doctor she offers the best eye care for your comfort and the widest range of services for your convenience. Whether you need a basic exam or a special treatment, we offer the optometric and optical services you need if you live in Spring, Texas.

It’s important, regardless of your age, to keep a close watch on your eye health. Ideally, you should see an optometrist once a year for an exam, because the human eye can change quite a bit in a year. Dr. Yee-Young performs comprehensive eye exams for adults of all ages who need to be fitted with eyeglasses or contact lenses, or who just want to monitor any vision changes they have. Because the health of a child’s eyes is so important, Dr. Yee-Young also does pediatric exams for young patients. It’s recommended that children also have an exam once a year, since vision problems can affect performance in school and other things.

Glaucoma occurs when there has been fluid pressure on the optic nerve for so long that it damages the nerve. The damage will eventually lead to vision loss if you don’t have it treated. At Texas State Optical – Woodlands, Dr. Yee-Young will run a test to determine if you have glaucoma, so that you can start treatment and avoid problems in the long run. Also, we offer an eye exam for patients who have diabetes. Due to problems with blood sugar, diabetes can lead to blurry vision and other eye health problems, so have a diabetic eye exam done at our eye doctor’s office near Spring, TX.

Because we test for glaucoma, we also offer treatment of this condition, as well as for macular degeneration and cataracts. If you’ve had a surgical procedure performed on your eyes, we will work with the surgeon you saw to provide co-management of surgery, before and after the procedure. If you have dry eyes, it’s important to treat the problem before you have inflammation or even an infection. If you’ve contracted an infection in your eyes, we offer treatment for that without you having to visit a specialty doctor.

When most people receive an injury, they head to the emergency room. We offer treatment for emergency cases so you can avoid a long wait and having your eyes taken care of as soon as possible after the accident.

With our eye care services such as:

And more… Plus a wide range of eyeglasses and contact lenses!

Texas State Optical – Woodlands is the optometrist near Spring, TX that ensures great care and convenience. Get directions to our office. Make an appointment today.

A Message to Our Patients

As a healthcare facility, TSO Woodlands continues to follow health and safety guidelines recommended by the CDC. With the COVID-19 community level in Montgomery County currently at low, face masks are optional in our office based on each individual’s risk and health status. Masks can be provided if needed. We look forward to seeing you back in our office.

Warmest Regards,
The Doctors and Staff of TSO Woodlands